Miami it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world, boasting sun drenched beaches, cutting edge cuisine and bustling nightlife. Miami is the place to be in 2016.

The World Class Bartender of the Year Global Final is rolling into town from September 26th, inspiring the best in the industry to a week of taxing challenges and fierce competition, guaranteeing the greatest show of bartender flair and creativity in the world.

In addition to this amazing Competition, our Hospitality experts, the Diageo Brand Ambassadors coming from over 50 different countries, we will be taking over the coolest neighbourhood in Miami – Wynwood – with some of Miami’s best Cocktail Bars!!

(Youtube Video Link)


Please join us Wednesday 28th September from 8.30pm to 12am in the following Bars:
Wynwood Diner
Beaker & Gray
Wood Tavern
El Patio
The Bar Next Door
The Butcher Shop


Only some of the fantastic #Tanqueray Gin and #Ketelone Vodka cocktails being featured Wednesday 28th September from 8.30pm to 12am at #wynwooddiner in Miami for our #getworldclasswynwood night !
#getmixedup  #WorldClass2016 #TrueSpirit

Be sure to stop by to enjoy amazing cocktails made by the world’s top Bartenders and experts from ‪Tanqueray‬ Gin and Ketel One Vodka.



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Release your global Bartending pressure..

BAR MANTRAS striscia2

(Youtube Video Link – in English )

Buongiorno Bartenders!!

Finalmente sono riuscito ad iniziare ad allenarmi di nuovo la mattina e devo dire che non è affatto facile mantenerne la disciplina, soprattutto quando si è in diverse nazioni quasi ogni settimana per viaggi di lavoro.

Ho iniziato con un programma dove si cammina per due minuti e si corre per un minuto, poi nellla seguente settimana si cammina per tre minuti e si corre per due minuti e così via.

Sempre più in “alto”, per un periodo sempre più lungo, e proprio quando stavo iniziando ad essere soddisfatto dei miei risultati, ho iniziato a guardare alcune persone che stavano correndo più veloce di me, e mi superavano.

Così in quel preciso momento, da uno stato mentale di soddisfazione in me stesso, ho iniziato a fare il confronto tra i miei (apparentemente) buoni risultati, ed il risultato di altre persone

…ma quello non è il vostro risultato!

Non appartiene a voi, perché il più delle volte ci si paragona con altre persone soprattutto nel mondo bartending?

Critichiamo siamo gelosi, invece di concentrarsi davvero su ciò che si sta facendo

Stai lavorando abbastanza duro?

Stai mantenendo la tua identità, mantenendo le tue radici, mantenendo i tuoi valori?

..e davvero utilizzando al meglio la giornata nei riguardi di te stesso come persona e con i tuoi clienti al bar?

La maggior parte delle volte si sente un tipo di..pressione “globale” dove un attimo ci si sente soddisfatti e un attimo dopo ci si paragona agli altri..

Comportarsi da gelosi, invidiosi, pone una grande distanza tra voi e quello che volete raggiungere..come dire, quando vedi qualcuno che ha successo nel mondo del Bartending e odi quella situazione o ne sei invidioso, non lo raggiungerai mai quel successo perché generi un conflitto interno, dove una parte di te lo vuole ma l’altra lo spinge lontano e questo conflitto interno crea frustrazione e non ti prorta a fare nessun passo avanti in verità, sai?

Quindi sii te stesso, prendi ispirazione da qualsiasi cosa, proprio come io ho preso ispirazione da questo mio piccolo risultato correndo in questo bellissimo parco a Roma!

Volevo solo condividere con tutti voi un messaggio semplice..

..tutti noi diciamo di sapere queste cose, ma non ci fermiamo mai neanche un attimo per pensare su..dove vogliamo andare?

Sto facendo abbastanza? Sono contento dei miei risultati?

Sto dando il 100%? E dal momento in cui si sto dando il 100% e non mi sto giudicando (come sapete siamo i più cattivi giudici di noi stessi) continua semplicemente a seguire il flusso delle cose e vedi quello che arriva, perché cose bellissime arriveranno se solo glielo permetti, se solo lasci andare..

Vi aguro una spendida giornata e, a risentirci presto!


Max La Rocca


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Dear Bartenders, colleagues, friends and cocktail enthusiasts,

Spiegelau has created the perfect series for those who live and work to an extraordinary standard: The Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz.

Stephan Hinz is an internationally award-winning Bartender, owner of the “Bar Little Link”  and director of the first-class Beverage Catering Company Cocktail Kunst in Germany.

stephan hinz_header_collection_2

With nearly 500 years of expert knowledge in glass production, Spiegelau developed the Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz to satisfy the requirements of modern drinking culture.

The ten products within the series have been designed to cater to the needs and demands of a modern bar, with each glass expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail and beverage, whether classic, inventive, or whimsical.

stephan hinz_header_home

Thanks to their specially cut decoration, the glasses have a unique refraction and brilliance, and show the composition of all drinks with their simplistic design. From the brilliant optics, to each glass’ durable weight, to the sound of the glasses in cheers, all senses are stimulated.

The series ticks all the boxes: they are perfectly balanced in size and weight; fit into off-the-shelf coolers for pre-cooling; and are extremely resistant to scratches and breakage, as well as dishwasher safe.

stephan hinz_header_drinks_3

Watch the video below to experience the Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz, making every occasion a special moment of pleasure. (Youtube Link)


Thank you Stephan for this amazing piece of work!


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The invisible world of the Concierge

The cocktail world is full of characters, from bartenders to bar owners, to night party crowd, but if you look more deeply you’ll see a greater variety of different characters with truly inspiring stories.

The amazing Ben Reed goes through the top 5 things we can learn from a concierge in this video.


1. Be connected
The concierge has their finger on the pulse of a city but it doesn’t come on a plate. Compiling a black book is a meticulous and systematic networking process that is constant and relentless. Dan’s voice is now recognized on the end of a phone right across the capital and this has been achieved through hard graft, always being on the ball and building lasting relationships ‘with clients, suppliers and fellow industry professionals.

2. Be inspired
Everyone can learn from everyone else and it pays to have a mentor. In the early days, Dan was thrown in at the deep end: “It’s the best thing to do in life. I would listen to the older guys on the desk who were so charismatic. I thought, crikey, how can someone have so much confidence on a desk, have that amount of knowledge of London and be talking to Elizabeth Taylor.”

3. Be optimistic
“You can get anything for anything, can’t you?” Well, with that starting attitude, I’m pretty sure you can. The concierge’s cup is always half-full and it’s a good job too as the requests keep on coming. “Can you help me find out how to ship 21 live deer to the Middle East as a surprise for my 21-year-old wife?” asked the member of the Middle Eastern Royal Family. You’ll need to speak to Dan’s boss about that one but he’s not going to spill the beans for anyone.

4. Be collaborative
The job of a concierge has been around for centuries. The term is derived from ‘comte des cierges’ or ‘keeper of the candles’ which was designated to those who served visiting nobles in castles. The Golden Keys Society is the secret society (motto: ‘In Service through Friendship’) and now a modern-day global network of 4,000 concierges in 65 countries. To receive the cross-key lapel insignia that denotes membership, it’s a minimum of 5 years service, you have to be nominated by 2 members and sit rigorous exams to test your cultural expertise. Is it any wonder that the Concierge prefers collaboration over competitiveness

5. Be positive
And finally, to the golden rule… well you’ll have to watch the film obviously but there are two possible contenders: “I don’t know if I’ve ever said no to someone” and “If you don’t like people, don’t do it.” Both seem pretty obvious on the surface don’t they – that is until you match them up against your own performance perhaps? But for the record, we also like the story about those creative folk at Apple who are well known for taking ideas from outside their industry to improve their lot. “What’s the best customer experience you’ve ever had?” asked Apple CEO Steve Jobs when his business was ramping up to open their first ever Apple stores. The answer that always came back was invariably that of a 5 star Hotel. Hence the Apple Genius Bar was born and directly modelled on a hotel concierge station of course.

Thank you so much Ben for your amazing contribution to the Bartending World!

Original source & Creditscocktailcredentials.com

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Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do


The human tongue has somewhere up to eight thousand taste buds to inform us when something is sweet, salty, sour, or bitter—or as we usually think of it—delicious or revolting. Tastes differ from one region to the next, and no two people’s seem to be the same. But why is it that some people think maple syrup is too sweet, while others can’t get enough? What makes certain people love Roquefort cheese and others think it smells like feet? Why do some people think cilantro tastes like soap?

John Prescott tackles this conundrum in Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do, an absorbing exploration of why we eat and seek out the foods that we do. Prescott surveys the many factors that affect taste, including genetic inheritance, maternal diet, cultural traditions, and physiological influences. He also delves into what happens when we eat for pleasure instead of nutrition, paying particularly attention to affluent Western societies, where, he argues, people increasingly view food selection as a sensory or intellectual pleasure rather than a means of survival. As obesity and high blood pressure are on the rise along with a number of other health issues, changes in the modern diet are very much to blame, and Prescott seeks to answer the question of why and how our tastes often lead us to eat foods that are not the best for our health. Compelling and accessible, this timely book paves the way for a healthier and more sustainable understanding of taste.

Enjoy it!!


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Steve Schneider in Rome!!




Un’altra spettacolare occasione da non perdere!
Finalmente in Italia l’incredibile Masterclass di S
teve Schneider e l’Employees Only di New York.

I posti sono limitati, BLINDA IL TUO!!! IL PRIMA POSSIBILE.
Per infoeventibar@gmail.com

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Winner of the Irish Mermaid Challenge, Mihai Fetcu – Romania!!

IRISH MERMAID Mihai Fetcu Romania2

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mihai Fetcu for winning the IRISH MERMAID Cocktail Challenge, taking this amazing drink to the next level and spreading the word about it in Romania!

See this step by step guide on how Mihai prepares it elegantly!

1 2





Go and enjoy this cocktail in is his Bar:
Bistro de l’Arte
Piata Enescu 11bis, Brasov, Romania

Here you find the Bistro de l’Arte Facebook Page and the Website
Photo credit: Arua Petrascu
Mihai Caricature Author: Oasim Karmieh
Photoshop edit: Max La Rocca


Read about the inspiration behind this great drink and its recipe HERE

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The DEAD RABBIT in Rome!!


Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, the duo behind one of the world’s leading bars, THE DEAD RABBIT




Un’altra spettacolare occasione da non perdere!
Finalmente in Italia Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, il duo protagonista di uno dei Bars più famosi al mondo, THE DEAD RABBIT

I posti sono limitati, BLINDA IL TUO!!! IL PRIMA POSSIBILE.
Per infoeventibar@gmail.com

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The big moment has arrived: WORLD CLASS 2015!


max Erik WCC

Dear European Bartenders the big moment has arrived!!

Join us on HERE to read what the 1st Challenge of the year will be and how to ENTER the WORLD CLASS Competition!

Don’t forget to watch the video blow

Explore also THE WORLD CLASS CLUB the brand new platform created exclusively for you to keep you up to date on all the bartender news, competitions and inspiration.


And see you in Capetown for the WORLD CLASS Global Final!

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The World’s 50 Best Bars 2014 announced

50 best bars small

1. Artesian
Three years running the Langham’s bar has claimed the title of World’s Best Bar and Europe’s Best Bar. Thoroughly deserved.

2. The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog
Moving up three places since last year and taking the title for Best Bar in North America.

3. Nightjar
Down one place but still taking a place on the podium, a position this speakeasy has held for the past three years.

4. Attaboy
This year’s highest climber, jumping a staggering 38 positions.

5. Employees Only
Another New York climber up 7 places.

6. Canon
This Seattle bar was the highest new entry for the 2014 list.

7. The Baxter Inn
Up one place from last year, Sydney’s Baxter Inn won Best Bar in Australasia.

8. American Bar
Moving up 12 places, the Savoy’s iconic bar just shows even the well- established bars can improve time and again, matching pace with the plethora of new openings.

9. High Five
Falling six places this Tokyo bar still took the title of Best Bar in Asia.

10. 28 Hong Kong Street
Completing the top 10 and staying in the same place as last year, was 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore.

11. Connaught Bar
Ever a London favourite, the Connaught Hotel’s eponymous bar has fallen seven places from last year.

12. Happiness Forgets
Still churning out great cocktails and preventing the wallies from getting in, Happiness may have fallen six places but this London stalwart is anything but forgotten.

13. Aviary

A new entry and a first for Chicago.

14. Elephant Bar

Another new entry, this time in New York.

15. Nottingham Forest

Nothing to do with the football club, this Italian bar is up 34 places.

16. Smuggler’s Cove
Up 14 places from 2013, this San Francisco bar is a global tiki reference point.

17. Candelaria
The highest Parisian bar on the list, Candelaria is down 5 spots.

18. PDT
PDT might be sitting at 18, as newer bars have captured our imaginations but this New York speakeasy is actually the all-time achiever of 50 Best Bars. It has been on the list ever since its inception six years ago and, using a formula that assigns a sliding scale of points to a bar’s ranking, PDT, with its 4th, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 13th and 18th placed finishes heads the all-time leader board.

19. Bulletin Place
This Sydney bar is up seven spots.

20. White Lyan
A new entry to the list, and a bar completely different to any other, in this list and in the world.

21. Buck & Breck

The highest entry for Berlin, Buck & Breck was down four places from last year.

22. The Broken Shaker

A new entry for Miami, and spreading the entries from North America far and wide, The Broken Shaker entered the list at 22.

23. 69 Colebrooke Row
Tony C’s bar has climbed up 4 places this year.

24. Hemingway Bar

Having slipped off the list last year, and placing 38 in 2012, the bar in Prague has managed to re-enter the list.

25. Le Lion Bar de Paris

Jorg Meyer’s bar is Hamburg’s only bar on the list, having slipped 9 places from last year.

26. Door 74
Amsterdam’s best-known and most-loved speakeasy has fallen 11 places from 2013.

27. Three Dots & A Dash

Another new entry for Chicago.

28. The Jerry Thomas Project

Rome’s only bar to appear on the list has fallen 9 places.

29. Chainaya. Tea & Cocktails
Russia’s highest entry has fallen one spot since last year.

30. The Everleigh
Melbourne’s highest entry and down 6 places.

31. Eau de Vie

This Sydney bar is also down 6 places.

32. Bramble
Staying at the same position as last year – Bramble has been on the list every year since it began and is the all-time regional European bar.

33. Trick Dog

A new entry for San Francisco.

34. Dry Martini
Spain’s only entry on the list, this Barcelona bar is down 20 spots.

35. Clover Club
A New York stalwart and local bar for writer extraordinaire David Wondrich, Clover Club is down four places.

36. Drink

Boston’s only bar on the list has climbed up 10 places from last year.

37. Black Pearl
Melbourne’s best-known bar has, similarly to PDT and Bramble, been a regular on this list ever since it was conceived. It’s also the regional all-timer for Australasia.

38. Schumann’s
This Munich favourite is down 15 places from 2013.

39. Floreria Atlantico

Taking the title for Best Bar in Latin America and the Caribbean is Buenos Aires’ Floreria Atlantico, down 4 spots.

40. Star Bar Ginza

A re-entry for this Tokyo bar sees it take number 40.

41. Delicatessen
Moscow’s second bar on the list is up nine spots.

42. Quinary

This Hong Kong bar is down 4 places since 2013.

43. Cure
A new entry from New Orleans.

44. Tales & Spirits
Another new entry – this time from Amsterdam.

45. Maison Premiere
Premiering for the first time on this list, it’s New York’s Maison Premiere.

46. La Capilla

Mexico and Tequila’s mecca, this is the bar that birthed the Batanga. Down 9 spots.

47. Licoreria Limantour

A new entry for Mexico City and home to Jose Luis Leon.

48. Shady Pines

Sydney’s Shady Pines in down 7 spots from last year.

49. Callooh Callay
Down 38 places it’s the bar with a gateway to Narnia and an all-time favourite for relaxed Sunday sessions.

50. Williams & Graham

A new entry for Denver.



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Un’altra spettacolare occasione da non perdere!
Finalmente in Italia uno dei piu’ conosciuti e attesi MAESTRI del bartending globale.
In prima fila da oltre trent’anni Gary Regan ti aspetta a Roma i giorni 29 e 30 settembre 2014.
I posti sono limitati, BLINDA IL TUO!!! IL PRIMA POSSIBILE.
Per infoeventibar@gmail.com

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WORLD CLASS 2014 Global Winner- Charles Joly – USA

Charles Joly_USA

Charles Joly from USA serves up a week of magnificent mixes to be named the World’s Best Bartender

Charles Joly beats 47 peers to be crowned the Diageo Reserve World Class™ Bartender of the Year 2014

FRIDAY 1 AUGUST 2014, LONDON: After a week of fierce competition, incredible craftsmanship, unrivalled creativity and exceptional cocktails, Charles Joly from The Aviary in Chicago, USA, beat 47 of the best mixologists from around the globe to be crowned the DIAGEO RESERVE WORLD CLASS™ Bartender of the Year 2014.

Charles mesmerised the judges from the very first cocktail but it was his unique and show-stopping signature serve that will help cement his name in cocktail history. His signature cocktail Above the Clouds, crafted for the final Punch and Glass challenge, blew the judges away. Throughout the week Charles consistently proved his winning credentials to the esteemed panel of judges that included legends and luminaries of the cocktail scene such as Dale DeGroff, Salvatore Calabrese, Julie Reiner, Steve Olsen and Gaz Regan.

“Wow, I just feel totally overawed by this. I know it sounds like a cliché but to be announced as theDIAGEO RESERVE WORLD CLASS™ BARTENDER OF THE YEAR 2014 is like a dream – I half expect to wake up at any moment. The other finalists really are the best bartenders in the world today so for the judges to pick me as the winner is incredible” said Joly.

“This journey didn’t start today at the ceremony, this week at the finals, or even last year when I entered the heats – it started many years ago when I first started working in a local bar. The flavours, the smells, the sounds, the techniques, the history, the theatre – I realized I did not want to create just another drink. I make drinks with my heart and it makes me happy to see customers happy. The possibilities open to a bartender are limitless, not just in terms of your career but your creations – the only limit is your imagination.”

Matteo Fantacchiotti, Global Vice President Commercial, DIAGEO RESERVE, said: “Right from the beginning Charles’ passion, creativity and unrivalled mixology skills blew the judges away. His desire to create unique serves that combined sophisticated tastes with innovative modern twists never faltered at any stage of the competition. It’s a real honor to have Charles as our 2014 Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS™ ambassador, and I look forward to working with him in the future. Together we hope to inspire a new generation of mixology talent across the world, helping raise the profile of bartenders to where chefs are today.”

Charles Joly becomes the sixth bartender to be awarded the revered WORLD CLASS™ Bartender of The Year title, following in the footsteps of mixologists giants who have gone on to influence cocktail culture around the world, including David Rios, Tim Philips, Manabu Ohtake, Erik Lorincz and Aristotelis Papadopoulos.

The 48 bartenders that reached the WORLD CLASS™ Global Final 2014 had already demonstrated unwavering commitment to their craft after conquering a year-long journey of qualifiers, earning them the right to represent their country and compete against the best bartenders in the world in the industry’s most prestigious and respected mixology competition.

Charles Joly will now become a global ambassador for Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS™, a role which will see him travel the world, educating and inspiring new talent whilst developing his own skills and knowledge through the different tastes and techniques they experiences along the way.

The 2014 WORLD CLASS™ Finals consisted of a series of innovative challenges staged around Great Britain, starting in Gleneagles, Scotland, before travelling via the iconic Orient Express to London. Discovery was at the heart of the competition, a theme brought to life by the series of innovative challenges that immersed the 48 finalists in Great British culture and inspired them to create premium serves, using the world’s finest spirits, that told stories of places, people and the local history of this year’s host nation – the birthplace of WORLD CLASS™ over six year ago.

This year, for the first time ever, consumers were also invited to participate in the WORLD CLASS™ Global Final and discover a world of fine drinking culture at the WORLD CLASS™ House. Set over five floors of a beautiful townhouse, this exclusive pop-up experience was created to coincide with Finals week, providing hands-on mixology masterclasses run by world-renowned bartenders, unique cocktails and food tasting sessions that made the WORLD CLASS™ House, the spiritual home of fine drinking experiences this summer.

In 2015, the WORLD CLASS Global Final will travel to Africa for the first time, and take place in 2014’s World Design Capital; Cape Town. This iconic city was voted the World’s Top Travel Destination by The New York Times, and boasts an abundance of natural beauty and cultural diversity. With a vibrant and cosmopolitan mixology culture, as well as thriving creative sectors, Cape Town is set to provide all the inspiration the contenders will need to thrive in 2015’s Global Final.

SOURCE: diageo.com

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Tales of The Cocktails 2014 Top 4 Finalists

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 17.42.54

CONGRATULATIONS TO  The top 4 Finalists for the 2014 Spirited Awards

American Bartender of the Year

Charles Joly The Aviary Chicago, Illinois
Eric Alperin The Varnish Los Angeles, California
Leo Robitschek The NoMad Hotel New York, New York
Sean Kenyon Williams & Graham Denver, Colorado

Best American Brand Ambassador

Elayne Duff Diageo Portfolio
Jamie Gordon Absolut Vodka
Neyah White Yamazaki
Todd Richman Sidney Frank Portfolio

Best American Cocktail Bar

Anvil Houston, Texas
Clover Club Brooklyn, New York
Cure New Orleans, Louisiana
The Hawthorne Boston, Massachusetts

Best Bar Mentor

Bridget Albert Chicago, Illinois
Dushan Zaric Los Angeles, California
Francesco Lafranconi Las Vegas, Nevada
Julie Reiner Brooklyn, New York

Best Cocktail Writing – Author

Gary Regan
Ian Cameron
Paul Clarke
Robert Simonson

Best Cocktail Writing – Publication

Australian Bartender Magazine
Bar Magazine Digital
Imbibe Magazine

Best High Volume Cocktail Bar

Clover Club Brooklyn, New York
Harvard and Stone Los Angeles, California
Sable Kitchen and Bar Chicago, Illinois
Saxon + Parole Restaurant New York, New York

Best International Brand Ambassador

Claire Smith Belvedere Vodka
Giuseppe Gallo Martini
Ian Burrell Rum Ambassador
Jacob Briars Bacardi Portfolio

Best New Book (Cocktail/Bartending)

Drinks by Tony Conigliaro
The Tequila Ambassador by Tomas Estes
To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion by Philip Greene
Vodka Distilled by Tony Abou-Ganim

Best New Product

Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters
Dorothy Parker Gin
Fords Gin
Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

Best Restaurant Bar

Island Creek Oyster Bar Boston, Massachusetts, USA
No. 9 Park Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Saxon + Parole Restaurant New York, New York, USA
The NoMad Hotel New York, New York, USA

International Bartender of the Year

Hidetsugu Ueno Bar High Five Tokyo, Japan
Jack McGarry The Dead Rabbit New York, New York, USA
Simone Caporale Artesian Bar at the Langham London, England,UK
Zdenek Kastanek 28 Hong Kong Street Singapore

World’s Best Cocktail Bar

Callooh Callay London, United Kingdom
Candelaria Paris, France
Drink Boston, Massachusetts, USA
The Varnish Los Angeles, California, USA

World’s Best Cocktail Menu
American Bar at the Savoy London, United Kingdom
Pouring Ribbons New York, New York, USA
The Dead Rabbit New York, New York, USA
The Nightjar London, United Kingdom

World’s Best Drink Selection
canon: whiskey and bitters emporium Seattle, Washington, USA
Mayahuel New York, New York, USA
Saxon + Parole Restaurant New York, New York, USA
The Dead Rabbit New York, New York, USA

World’s Best Hotel Bar

Clyde Common Portland, Oregon, USA
Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks Boston, Massachusetts, USA
The NoMad Hotel New York, New York, USA
The Zetter Townhouse London, United Kingdom

World’s Best New Cocktail Bar

Experimental Cocktail Club New York, New York, USA
Pouring Ribbons New York, New York, USA
The Dead Rabbit New York, New York, USA
The NoMad Hotel New York, New York, USA

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Tales of The Cocktails 2014 Top 10 Finalists

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 17.42.54

The top 10 Finalists for the 2014 Spirited Awards have been Announced!


American Bartender of the Year
Jeff Bell (New York)
Erick Castro (San Diego)
Marcovaldo Dionysos (San Francisco)
Bobby Heugel (Houston)
Sean Kenyon (Denver)
John Lermayer (Miami)
Ryan Maybee (Kansas City)
Ivy Mix (New York)
Jeffrey Morgenthaler (Portland)
Pamela Wiznitzer (New York)
Best American Brand Ambassador
Brooke Arthur (House of Spirits)
Colin Asare-Appiah (Bacardi)
Elayne Duff (Diageo Reserve)
Jamie Evans (Oxley gin)
Bernie Lubbers (Heaven Hill Distilleries)
Freddy May (Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky)
Chris Patino (Pernod Ricard USA Portfolio)
Nick van Tiel (Plymouth Gin / Beefeater)
Neyah White (Suntory Japanese Whiskies)
Angus Winchester (Tanqueray Gin)
Best American Cocktail Bar
Anvil Bar & Refuge (Houston)
The Aviary (Chicago)
canon:  whiskey and bitters emporium (Seattle)
Cure (New Orleans)
The Dead Rabbit (New York)
Noble Experiment (San Diego)
Prizefighter (Emeryville)
Smuggler’s Cove (San Francisco)
Trick Dog (San Francisco)
Williams & Graham (Denver)
Best American High Volume Cocktail Bar
Employees Only (New York)
Flatiron Lounge (New York)
Harvard & Stone (Los Angeles)
Honeycut (Los Angeles)
The NoMad (New York)
Polite Provisions (San Diego)
Sable Kitchen & Bar (Chicago)
Saxon + Parole Restaurant (New York)
Three Dots and a Dash (Chicago)
Trick Dog (San Francisco)
Best American Restaurant Bar
320 Main (Orange County)
Bestia (Los Angeles)
Clyde Common (Portland)
Gramercy Tavern (New York)
No. 9 Park (Boston)
The NoMad (New York)
nopa (San Francisco)
OAK at fourteenth (Boulder)
The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange (Kansas City)
The Silver Dollar (Louisville)
Best American Hotel Bar
Bellocq (New Orleans)
Bemelmans Bar (New York)
The Broken Shaker (Miami)
Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone (New Orleans)
Clyde Common (Portland)
The Hawthorne (Boston)
The Regent Cocktail Club (Miami)
Sable Kitchen & Bar (Chicago)
The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles)
Vesper Bar (Las Vegas)
Best New American Cocktail Bar
Attaboy (New York)
Cane & Table (New Orleans)
Celeste (Chicago)
Golden Cadillac (New York)
Half Step (Austin)
Kimball House (Atlanta)
Mockingbird Hill (Washington, D.C.)
Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library (Portland)
Three Dots and a Dash (Chicago)
ZZ’s Clam Bar (New York)
Best American Bar Team – New Category
Attaboy (New York)
Clyde Common (Portland)
The Dead Rabbit (New York)
Drink (Boston)
Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks (Boston)
Employees Only (New York)
The NoMad (New York)
The Regent Cocktail Club (Miami)
Trick Dog (San Francisco)
Williams & Graham (Denver)
International Bartender of the Year
Marian Beke (London)
Monica Berg (London)
Simone Caporale (London)
Ryan Chetiyawardana (London)
Mario Kappes (Hamburg)
Zdenek Kastanek (Singapore)
Tim Phillips (Sydney)
Hidetsugu Ueno (Tokyo)
Tom Walker (London)
Jason Williams (Sydney)
Best International Brand Ambassador 
Ian “Rum Ambassador” Burrell
David Cordoba (Bacardi)
Giuseppe Gallo (Martini & Rossi)
Tim Etherington Judge (Diageo Reserve)
George Nemec (Becherovka)
David Piper (Hendrick’s Gin)
Claire Smith (Belvedere Vodka)
Manuel Terron (Midori Melon Liqueur)
Camille Vidal (St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur)
Maximilian Warner (Chivas)
Best International Cocktail Bar
28 Hong Kong Street (Singapore)
69 Colebrooke Row (London)
Bramble Bar (Edinburgh)
Buck and Breck (Berlin)
Bulletin Place (Sydney)
Candelaria (Paris)
Chainaya.  Tea & Cocktails (Moscow)
Door 74 (Amsterdam)
Eau De Vie Melbourne (Melbourne)
Happiness Forgets (London)
Best International High Volume Cocktail Bar
Big Easy Covent Garden (London)
Black Angel’s Bar (Prague)
The Attic at the Black Pearl (Melbourne)
The Cufflink Club (Singapore)
Dvars (Amsterdam)
Eau De Vie Melbourne (Melbourne)
Frank’s (Buenos Aires)
The Lobo Plantation (Sydney)
London Cocktail Club (London)
Schumann’s American Bar (Munich)
Best International Restaurant Bar
The Red Bar at Bam-Bous (London)
The Bon Vivants (Edinburgh)
Delicatessen (Moscow)
The Gilbert Scott (London)
Spitalfields Bar at Hawksmoor (London)
Hix Soho (London)
The Lui Bar at Vue De Monde (Melbourne)
Oblix Restaurant (London)
Porteno Restaurant (Sydney)
Blind Pig at Social Eating House (London)
Best International Hotel Bar
Artesian at the Langham (London)
Bar at Home Hotel (Buenos Aires)
Beaufort Bar at The Savoy Hotel (London)
Black Angel’s Bar (Prague)
Clive’s Classic Lounge (Victoria)
Connaught Bar at the Connaught (London)
Ohla Boutique Bar at Ohla Hotel (Barcelona)
Punch Room at The London Edition (London)
Scarfes Bar at Rosewood London (London)
Widder Bar at the Widder Hotel (Zurich)
Best New International Cocktail Bar
The Barber Shop (Sydney)
Blind Pig at Social Eating House (London)
Hello Sailor (Sydney)
Holmens Kanal (Copenhagen)
Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar (Tel Aviv)
The Liquor Rooms (Dublin)
Little Jumbo (Victoria)
NOLA (London)
Punch Room at The London Edition (London)
White Lyan (London)
Best International Bar Team – New Category
28 Hong Kong Street (Singapore)
The American Bar at The Savoy (London)
Artesian at the Langham (London)
The Baxter Inn (Sydney)
The Black Pearl (Melbourne)
Blind Pig at Social Eating House (London)
Connaught Bar at the Connaught (London)
Le Lion – Bar de Paris (Hamburg)
The Nightjar (London)
Ruby Cocktail Chronicles (Copenhagen)
Best Cocktail & Spirits Writer
Jenny Adams (United States)
Sam Bygrave (Australia)
Toby Cecchini (United States)
Paul Clarke (United States)
Camper English (United States)
Jeffrey Morgenthaler (United States)
Darcy O’Neil (Canada)
Daniel Priseman (United Kingdom)
Jane Ryan (United Kingdom)
Robert Simonson (United Kingdom)
Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication
Alcademics.com (United States)
Australian Bartender magazine (Australia)
BarLifeUK (United Kingdom)
DRINK (China)
Ginger Magazine (France)
Imbibe Magazine (United States)
Liquor.com (United States)
PUNCH (punchdrink.com) (United States)
The Cocktail Lovers magazine (United Kingdom)
The Spirits Business (United Kingdom)
Best New Cocktail/Bartending Book (Top 9)
The Art of the Shim by Dinah Sanders
Apothecary Cocktails:  Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today by Warren Bobrow
Beachbum Berry’s Potions of the Caribbean by Jeff Berry
Cocktail for a Crowd by Kara Newman
The Curious Bartender by Tristan Stephenson
The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart
Home Bar Basics (and Not-So-Basics) Cocktail Guidebook, 2nd Edition by Dave Stolte
Wine Cocktails (Planet of the Grapes) by Jason Wilson
Whiskey Women:  The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch and Irish Whiskey by Fred Minnick
Best Bar Mentor
Erik Adkins
Bridget Albert
Jacob Briars
Jackson Cannon
Wayne Collins
Doug Frost
Francesco LaFranconi
Jim Meehan
Andy Seymour
Dushan Zaric
Best New Product
Ancho Reyes
Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve gin
Crawley’s Imperial Shaker Machine
Del Maguey Ibérico mezcal
iSpoon by Monkey Shoulder
Martini Gran Lusso Vermouth
Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky
Plantation Original Dark Rum
Sipsmith VJOP Gin
Small Hand Foods Tonic Syrup
World’s Best Cocktail Menu
69 Colebrooke Row (London)
The Aviary (Chicago)
canon:  whiskey and bitters emporium (Seattle)
Eau De Vie (Sydney)
The Nightjar (London)
The NoMad (New York)
Polite Provisions (San Diego)
Pouring Ribbons (New York)
Three Dots and a Dash (Chicago)
Trick Dog (San Francisco)
World’s Best Drinks Selection
Baba Au Rum (Athens)
Connaught Bar at the Connaught (London)
The Dead Rabbit (New York)
Eau De Vie Melbourne (Melbourne)
Hard Water (San Francisco)
Liberty Bar (Seattle)
Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library (Portland)
Old Crow (Zurich)
Scopa Italian Roots (Los Angeles)
Tommy’s (San Francisco

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Breakfast, Lunch and..HUGS

“Restaurant owner with down syndrome runs the friendliest eatery ever!”

Travelling the world nearly every week and having the chance to interact with amazing Bartenders, sometimes I get the feeling that something is missing in the approach with their guest and this is something as “easy” as really having FUN in what we do , without taking ourselves TOO seriously!!

I know that what we do is very serious stuff, like handling money, dealing with people, sometimes also arrogant people, so we need a looot of patience, but everything will be so much easier and run much smoother if we manage to have a bit of FUN on the way, in my opinion, so..

..dont’ forget to have FUN this stuff is too important to be taken seriously!!

To enforce the point of what I’m talking about , I want to share with you this video and story that really drew my attention, increasing my awareness that all of us seriously are

A GIFT TO THE WORLD” – I hope you’ll enjoy this story too and you’ll bring FUN as a serious concept in your day-by-day work behind the Bar!!!

Max La Rocca


Source: Amazingoasis.org (read the comments below the source Page)

and if you’re interested, Read more about Tim.


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Max La Rocca @ VENUEZ Barshow Benelux


VENUEZ14 is the most inspiring Benelux trade event in the field of design, concepts, drinks & experience. It is the meeting place for hospitality entrepreneurs, brand managers, suppliers, consultants, designers, architects, concept developers, bartenders, chefs, and trend spotters.

Click here you can find more information about VENUEZ14

max stage venuez

I’m giving a great WORKSHOP called



on Tuesday 18th March at 5.30 pm, can’t wait to meet you all there!

Max La Rocca

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The (KETEL ONE) “Dutch Moustache Companion” Cocktail

(Photo Courtesy of KETEL ONE VODKA)max dutch companion small

That’s what happens when World Class Bartenders meet with the Ketel One Vodka FAMILY in a Photo Shoot Session in Amsterdam..pure MAGIC!But the FAMILY doesn’t stop there. Enjoy this video where Bob Nolet goes on a bar tour of Amsterdam with his..”Extended Family”

Here I am with my brand new Cocktail called
“The (KETEL ONE) Dutch Moustache Companion”
-25 ml lemongrass infused Dry Vermouth
-10 ml Benedictine
-5 to 10 ml Grand Marnier (suiting your Country taste)
-3 Dashes Orange bitter
-Flamed Rosemary on the rim of the glass for another level of experience
Throwing technique
Vintage Coupette
Suggested Pairing:
Granny Smith Apple ball rolled with a smoked salmon slice and cracked black pepper.
Key points of the drink are:
– it is easy and fast to prepare,
– using an elegant performance that will get people’s attention and curiosity
– can be drunk at any time of the day
– it is an old style drink with a (contemporary) Vodka soul
– it includes ingredients easy to find in any bar
– it integrates perfectly with nearly any Bar Menu’s style

Max La Rocca

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BALANCE YOUR LIFE! – by Gary Regan


Here I am with the first “BAR MANTRAS” post with GARY REGAN, renowned author, Bartender Legend, Mixology Guru and much more..


Max La Rocca, my host here, asked me to write something about how bartenders can learn to balance their lives so that none of us keels over dead after living short lives full of complete debauchery and drunkenness.  And since I’ve already lived for over 62 years, and just (today) got a remarkably positive check-up from my doctor, I guess I must be doing something right.  That hasn’t always been the case, though.

I never saw the inside of a gym since I left high-school when I was 16 years old, until 2004 when I started exercising regularly.  What made me do such a rash thing?  Well, after undergoing nearly 18 hours on the operating table having my stage-2 tongue cancer taken care of, I figured it was time to reevaluate the way in which I was living my life.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Please think about taking good care of your body, and your mind, and I promise you’ll end up being much happier.

If you decide to heed my advice, it’s probably best that you do so your own way, but I can give you a few tips on certain aspects of taking care of yourself, so let me list them here.  Please remember, though, that these are merely suggestions for you to consider.  Nobody hates rules more than I.  Promise.

  1. If you can afford membership at a gym, choose one that’s as close as possible so you have no excuse not to go.
  2. Many gyms offer a workout coach for at least one hour—take advantage of that, and be prepared to tell the trainer your goal.  My goal, for instance, was (and still is) to workout in less than 60 minutes per session, simply because I know that, if I stay longer than that, I’ll end up never going at all.  Ten years later I’m still a regular at my gym.
  3. If you find that working out is boring, think about listening to music, or better still, audiobooks on your iPod.

The next part of my fitness regimen can be hard to talk about, and it’s very personal, too.  It concerns meditation and yoga, and there are people who shy away from these practices because they think of them as being tied to spirituality, and spirituality turns them off.  Let me say, then, that although many people, myself included, tie their spirituality to these practices, it’s absolutely not necessary.

Meditation can be hard to get into, but there are lots of books that can lead the way, and the rewards are massive.  Spending some time alone, or with a group, in silence, and trying to clear your mind and center yourself for five, fifteen, or 30 minutes, on a regular basis, will result in a clearer head, and a better ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life.  And we bartenders have pretty stressful lives, right?

Yoga happens to be another practice I follow to keep both my mind and my body in good shape, and I highly recommend this, but there are lots of other practices you could take up for similar results.  Eastern practices such as Tai Chi, and to an extent, any of the martial arts will probably lead to the same peace of mind, and flexibility of limbs, as yoga, but if none of these appeal to you, then JUT SAY NO!  Then look around for some sort of sport—tennis, swimming, or whatever takes your fancy—so that you have some sort of sport that you can practice on the days when you don’t go to the gym.

And finally, I advise you not to overdo any of the things I’ve suggested here.  If you’re anything like me, as soon as I start forcing myself to go to a class, or have a workout at the gym, I start to rebel against going at all.  This sort of thing requires discipline, that’s for sure, but in my experience, if you push yourself to a point where you hate what you’re doing, you’re on the road to quitting altogether.

Now you can go out and party with the best of them, and balance your life by adopting some new endevours that can help you lead a happier, healthier life.  And in all likelihood, after just a few weeks, you’ll start getting laid more often, too . . .

image001 20.00.51


Thank you Gary for being my Guest!

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Max La Rocca – Cityspace Video

Inspired by the amazing Jamie Boudreau, we matched Italian Savoir Faire, Russian expertise and production management.

And that’s what happens…PURE MAGIC!!!

Youtube Video Banner CitySpace - grafica varie

Watch it HERE!!

If the video is not available in your Country, follow this link or watch it on Facebook.

Camera Andrey Klimov and Michael Voinov.
Music editing and directed by Michael Voinov.
Produced by Bek Narzi


SOUNDTRACK: Le carnaval des animaux (The Carnival of the Animals)

ARTIST: St. Petersburg Radio Symphony Orchestra and Stanislav Gorkovenko, St. Petersburg Radio Symphony Orchestra

Music Source on Google Play: http://goo.gl/RQ4a1N
Music Source on iTunes: http://goo.gl/akO72k

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World Class 2014 Burst 1has kicked off!

World Class 2014 has kicked off and I was heading up the launch in Italy of Burst 1 of World Class Training and outlining below what took place during a couple of great sessions in Rome and Sicily.

So here we are with the exciting new burst 1 of World Class Training, showcasing some amazing content for you to get inspiration from.

We’ve been in the beautiful city of Catania in Sicily followed by Rome ‘the Eternal City’.

After Federico Berlingieri opened the day by explaining terms and conditions – as well as the important deadlines for the competition, our great Franco Gasparri and Fabrizio Fischione started the session with a fantastic journey into our Reserve Portfolio, focusing on Ketel One Vodka, Zacapa and the Johnnie Walker Super Deluxe Range that includes Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, Platinum and the prestigious Blue Label.

Federico Sicily_640x400
Then it was time to explain the two exciting Challenges of this first burst:

• Mediterranean Mastery, where Ketel One brings to life the concept of a ritual and Zacapa introduces us to the fantastic world of food pairing, both taking inspiration from the influence of the Mediterranean on the food and drink culture during the 1950s and 60s.

• The Flavour Challenge, which is an intriguing way to incorporate the fantastic world of Johnnie Walker into mixology.

I followed these first two sessions with a demonstration, helping the bartenders to better understand the concepts behind the Challenges.

Then we talked through the importance of a drinking ritual, how to apply it to Bartending and to World Class, followed by a fantastic Ketel One ‘Dali’s Moustache’ Cocktail using the beautiful new ‘Copper Kettles’ to bring some emotions, elements, ingredients and icons that would relate to the Mediterranean Mastery Challenge.


It was then time for The Flavour Challenge with a Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve ‘Sailing to Sicily’ Cocktail. This was to recreate the legendary journey of the Walkers who exported it worldwide, making the captains of ships the true ambassadors of their brand.

sailing to sicily2

This cocktail is simple but intriguing, with the creaminess and honeyed notes of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve fitting harmoniously with Pedro Ximenez sherry, all perfectly balanced by the elegance of pear liqueur to create a refined after-dinner drink with a surprisingly delicate finish. It managed to showcase the real character of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve whisky.

The drink is then served with an old sailing ship and a world map customised with the Johnnie Walker logo and the name of the cocktail in order for guests to experience not only the atmosphere of the journey undertaken from the Walkers, but an amazing journey of discovery of exciting new flavours!

bilancia ok

trio telefono

After the Brands and Challenges sessions in Rome, our Southern Italy winner from last year Daniele Gentili talked about his experience at the European Final in Madrid, and took Bartenders through the steps needed to prepare for a competition like World Class. He captivated the audience with his charm and knowledge, giving a tour behind the scenes of the World Class competition.

baule ok

daniele ok4

Daniele ok

They were two really exciting sessions and the interest that we generated and the motivation we felt at the end was outstanding in the two different cities.

Stay tuned for the next posts!
Celebrate life every day, everywhere
Max La Rocca

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THE LONG POUR – A Bartender’s Anthology of Hilarious Tales and Dirty Tricks

Good afternoon all,

This book arrived on my desk a few days ago from a great friend and an amazing Bartender Adam MacDonald and after giving it a read I felt I had to share it with the bartending community.  If you’ve ever pulled a pint, stirred a drink, tapped a keg, picked mint, flipped a bottle, chilled a glass, shaken a daiquiri, squeezed a lemon, owned a bar or shouted “last call for alcohol”, then this book is about you!

It must be said that this is NOT a cocktail book, and the editor and compiler
(Adam MacDonald) makes no apologizes for this.

“The world of craft cocktails and artisanal products can be a bit too serious at times… these stories just remind us to not take ourselves so seriously. And, they’re a bit naughty, which is always more fun.”

The Aussie bartender, living in Norway, and soon to be moving to London, spent 4 years interviewing bartenders all of the world to get the dirt, the juice and “the stories of fast cash, loose women and all the trouble that comes with ‘em. “

ALEX KRATENA said: “Super funny stories, but should you consider pursuing a career in bartending, then don’t let your mother read this book!”

ALAN KAVANAGH said: “Dripping in sarcasm, smothered with metaphors, and splashed with bone-dry wit, The Long Pour is the one book bartenders actually want to read.”

CLASS MAGAZINE said: “This bartender confessional is definitely entertaining and, perfect for quiet times during service, you can dip in and out of it. “

The book is a micro production, meaning that Adam has only printed 3000 copies.  Each one has been individually numbered and signed and once they are finished, that’s it for the Limited Edition.  As you can imagine, these are getting snapped up quickly. The book is in full colour, beautifully designed and the cartoons he uses for each story are works of art.

The 40 true stories will remind you of your own forgotten bar stories and will probably have you wanting to be involved in volume 2.  When I asked Adam if there were plans for more he said. “let’s get through the Limited Edition print of volume 1 first… but yes Max, to answer your question, with so many awesome stories out there, volume 2 is definitely on my radar.”

There is only one place in the world you can get The Long Pour and that is www.thebartenderbook.com

Happy reading and thanks so much Adam for giving me the opportunity to share it with the Bartender Community!

Max La Rocca

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SUPER-BAR, Milan 30 September/3 October – The first Italian BarShow is coming!!




Finalmente a Milano si è avverato il grande sogno dei Bartenders Italiani di avere un proprio Barshow dove poter conoscere e condividere nuove tendenze, tecniche, prodotti e attrezzature, nonché avere la possibilità di seguire Seminari di altissimo livello da relatori che sono considerati i Gurus della Mixology come Salvatore Calabrese, Peter Dorelli, Simone Caporale, Hidetsugu Ueno, Beach Bum Berry, Shingo Gokan, Zdenek Kastanek, Naren Young, Nicolas Saint Jean e tanti altri.

Sono veramente onorato di essere stato scelto come Testimonial dell’evento ed essere il “trait d’union” tra il panorama internazionale e la cultura del beverage Italiana che negli ultimi anni ha fatto passi da gigante esplorando nuove tecniche di lavoro, tendenze, prodotti e filosofie inglobandole nell’arte della miscelazione del nostro paese.

Con orgoglio vedo questo evento mettersi sul podio insieme ad altri importanti Barshows come quello di Berlino, Mosca, Parigi, Londra e New Orleans.

E’ un piacere che il mio ritorno in Italia, dopo aver fatto importanti esperienze nei più prestigiosi Bar all’estero e aver creato cocktails in tutto il mondo, sia coinciso con il SUPERBAR, dandomi l’opportunità di mettere a disposizione le mie conoscenze e contribuendo al prestigio di questo importante appuntamento che si rinnoverà ogni anno, attribuendo all’Italia un posto di prim’ordine nel panorama della Mixology Mondiale.


Sotto il video del Press release Day ed alcune foto

Ladies & Gentleman Mr Gianni Merenda, la mente dietro il progetto

Superstudio Più – Via Tortona 27, Milano – 30 settembre – 3 ottobre 2013

– 30 settembre dalle ore 12 alle ore 19 | Trade only

– 1-2-3 Ottobre dalle ore 12 alle ore 19 | Trade only
Dalle ore 19 alle ore 24 | Open door – eventi e dj set


ORE DI APERTURA > 43 (lunedì – giovedì)



SEMINARI (1,5 ore cad) > 16

 WORKSHOP (1 ora cad) > 20

 ACADEMY (1 ora cad) > 20

 MASTER (3 ore cad) > 4


SUPER-BAR è un evento organizzato e prodotto da You Factory, con il supporto commerciale e media di Bargiornale la rivista mensile per i professionisti del mondo del bar, leader del mercato con oltre 110.000 copie diffuse e con il patrocinio di FIPE-Confcommercio ed esplora il mondo di mixologist, professionisti e bartenders grazie a contests, workshops, seminari, degustazioni e parties incredibili.

Un favoloso viaggio nel mondo dei Modern Classic, le tecniche giapponesi, la storia dei cocktail, i liquori messicani Mezcal e Tequila, i Rum, i Tiki cocktail, i trend di New York, la cultura sudamericana del bere, le tendenze in Asia,il Flair e NATURALMENTE larte della miscelazione italiana.

Dopo analoghi eventi a Berlino, Mosca, Parigi e New Orleans, SUPER-BAR è lappuntamento internazionale più atteso in Italia dal mondo bartender e dalle aziende beverage, ma è anche ai non addetti ai lavori.

Prevediamo un’affluenza di circa 3.000/4.000 persone al giorno per un totale di 12.000/16.000 visitatori per tutta la durata dell’evento

– Da non perdere i 4 master organizzati da Planet One, azienda leader per la formazione e consulenze

1) “I bar dalla parte delle donne”, dedicato esclusivamente alle donne;
2) “Amici al bar”, per i giovani imprenditori;
3)“Cambiare per crescere”, dedicato a chi vuole riconvertire un locale già esistente; 4)“Quattro Stagioni”, per chi gestisce attività stagionali.


SUPER-BAR è suddiviso in macro aree tematiche.

– Il Central Point è il cuore pulsante di SUPER-BAR, di giorno contenitore di contest dedicati ai professionisti del settore; di sera, a partire dalle ore 19, location per gli eventi aperti al grande pubblico.

– L’Excelsior Area è dedicata a vodka e prodotti premium.

– La Food & Service Area celebra i riti “all’italiana” più amati, colazione e aperitivo.

– Outdoor nell’Art Garden di Superstudio invece Street food, con 6 Apecar rivisitate nel design che propongono specialità regionali italiane selezionate, ma anche sushi e gelati artigianali.

– Ci sarà una zona dal mood tropicale dedicata al distillato “beach” per eccellenza, il Rum, e a tutti i prodotti che richiamano il fascino delle spiagge, del Tiki e di Exotic Cocktails.

– E ancora un’area dedicata al mondo del gin e a tutti i distillati di erbe e spezie.

Supershop dove comprare accessori specializzati e kit per il perfetto bartender.


Dalle 19.00 Super-Bar aprirà le porte al pubblico della Milano da bere. Grazie alle attività di comunicazione a supporto della manifestazione (piano media, ufficio stampa, pr, digitale, ecc.) e al cast artistico di dj internazionali di altissimo livello.

Ben 8000 metri quadri, si trasformano in una vera e propria cittadella della “cultura del buon bere” con corsi, degustazioni, party, dj set, concerti, eventi pensati ed organizzati per tutti i cocktail lovers, ma anche per gli amanti del buon cibo e della buona musica.


Super-bar non é soltanto un Barshow ma diventerà una piattaforma verticale per tutti i cocktail lovers dove Web, mobile e social media saranno gli strumenti per costruire una brand experience personalizzata per sponsors e partners con contenuti ed eventi sul territorio per un’esperienza unica di 12 mesi.

“Come diventare tra i 50 migliori Bar al mondo in 365 giorni”
Giovedì 3 Ottobre – 18.30/19.30

Anche se il titolo può sembrare provocatorio o un qualcosa di irraggiungibile, il mio Workshop vuole proprio dimostrare che attraverso la professionalità, la costanza e l’attenzione al mercato, il viaggio verso questo traguardo può essere intrapreso da tutti, seguendo il proprio istinto, mantenendo i propri valori e passioni e senza aver bisogno di lampadari di cristallo, poltrone lussuose o un arredamento Super-Chic!

Un viaggio attraversando le varie fasi della progettazione, posizionamento del bancone, scelta delle attrezzature, bicchieri, strumenti di lavoro, musica e atmosfera, tipologia di clientela che si desidera attirare e l’uso dei social media per aumentare la visibilità del nostro Bar; ci saranno poi importanti “Tips & Tricks” e dietro le quinte…

Vi aspetto!

“Always stir..with a dash of love”
Max La Rocca

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Craft Cocktails at Home: Offbeat Techniques, Contemporary Crowd-Pleasers, and Classics Hacked with Science

Think of It as Your PhD in Drinking.

In Craft Cocktails at Home, you’ll embark upon a one-of-a-kind journey as you learn how to make some of the world’s most innovative, unique, and delicious cocktails.

Taste scientists, engineers, and talented bartenders with decades of experience all contributed their expertise to create this must-have guide for novices and professionals alike.

Ever wondered what makes water taste good? Curious about what really happens during the barrel-aging process? Interested in which “molecular” ingredients have the best texture?

These questions and more, answered inside.

With 250 pages and 65 recipes

Enjoy it!!


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Diageo World Class Global Final 2013 – Azamara Cruise – David Rios (Spain) Winner!!

Aboard the boutique Azamara Club Cruise’s ship, Azamara Journey, contestants from 44 countries participated with finalists to showcase their creations in front of some of the most revered names in the industry – Salvatore Calabrese, Peter Dorelli, Dale DeGroff, Gary Regan, Julie Reiner, Hidetsugu Ueno, Arturo Savage, Steve Olson and Aristotelis Papadopoulos.


Congratulations to Mr David Rios from Jigger Cocktail & Disco Bar in Spain that has claimed the prestigious title of Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year 2013!!!!

After a 12-month search for a star, the victory was announced at a glittering ceremony in Barcelona’s iconic bullring. It marked the end of a landmark week, with intense competition, spectacular events amidst the gathering of the industry’s elite, along with international celebrities and global figures in the world of bartending.

Diageo Reserve World Class Global Ambassador Spike Marchant commented: “David Rios stood above the rest of the 43 finalists. His cocktails and appreciation of flavour were consistently outstanding, his technical precision was jaw dropping, and he maintained his composure under extreme pressure.”

Winning the title of Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year will set David on a life-changing journey, championing the art and craft of the bartender.”

( Edited from the source: TheReserveClub)

Red Carpet – Gareth Evans, Great Britain
Mediterranean Mastery – Zachary de Git, Singapore
Time to Play – Kirill Runkov, Russia
St Tropez Market Challenge – Laura Schacht, Switzerland
Kings of Flavour – Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, Japan
Punch & Glass – David Rios, Spain
Tapas Table – Jason Clark, New Zealand and Luke Ashton, Australia
Cocktails Against the Clock – Jeff Bell, USA

Europe – David Rios (Spain)
Asia Pacific – Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Japan)
Latin America & the Caribbean – Mario Seijo (Puerto Rico)
Northern America & Rest of the World – Jeff Bell (USA)

A personal wish for a great professional and a sincere and humble person:

May your new journey be full of passion, love, excitement, personal growth and motivation while maintaining your roots, your principles and remaining authentic and unique, that’s to say, the David we all know…here and now”

This is a great beginning, NOT a destination..
From a Bartender to a (great) Bartender
Max La Rocca


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50.000 visits on ListentotheIce.com – The Art of Perseverance!

 Thank you so much to all the Subscribers and Readers for taking the time to follow this wonderful journey into Mixology with me for all those years…hoping that you enjoyed the contents of my blog.

This Blog started only one year after I started Bartending and I immediately felt the need to share with what is known today as a…Bartending Community; a need that, after 6 years, is still motivating and inspiring Bartenders from all over the world, so SHARING WITH YOU is main reason behind ListentotheIce’s big success!!


What would you like to see shared on the Blog that isn’t there right now?

Always stirred…with a dash of love.

Max La Rocca

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The Power of Bartender Community united for a GREAT CAUSE!

In Sao Paulo Brazil my great friend and amazing Bartender Márcio Silva and his friends did an event for a friend bartender who suffered a car accident and lost his right arm.

All beverage sales of this event was donated to this friend of theirs to help him get an arm prosthesis (he’s on the video at mins 2.50)

Xoquinho was hit by a car on the evening of April 10th of this year as he crossed an avenue and there was no relief. After a few hours he was found unconscious and taken to the hospital.

He had a head injury and lost his right arm and since then he is in treatment.

I know the video is in BR-Portuguese and they are working to put a caption in English and Spanish, and you also know how much I care and work for the bartender world community.

So now I ask you all your help to disseminate this video to reach a large number of access on YouTube.

If they get a large number of visits they can get more money for the cause!

Please click here to watch the video, it’s important!

Here a Video of Xoquinho on Brasilian TV working is magic before the accident

Thank you so much and bless you all!!
“Video Xoq’s Day – Encontro dos amigos do Rodrigo Xoquinho no La Maison est Tombée”

Max and Márcio

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Diageo World Class Western Europe Final 2013 – Madrid

Congratulations to all the contestant for being part of this amazing journey and to the 13 souls who will make their country even more proud at the Global Final.


It was an honour organising such a great event for you all!

The entire competition and celebrations took place in the modern and luxury Teatro Goya in the central part of Madrid.

This is the second edition of the Western European World Class Competition and Madrid has been chosen, being a vibrant, artistic, modern wonderfully cosmopolitan city with an extraordinary reputation for gastronomy and drinking culture from historical bars like ‘Museo Chicote’ which opened in 1931 to the ultra-modern ‘Le Cabrera’ and ‘O-Clock’.

After two days of shaking, mixing, performing and celebrating Diageo’s Reserve spirits by 26 of Europe’s finest bartenders, the winners heading their way to the Global Final of World Class are:

Bert Jachmann, Austria

Carl Van Droogenbroeck, Belgium

Hasse Johansen, Denmark

Jérôme Kaftandjian, France

Atalay Aktas, Germany

Gareth Evans, Great Britain (also Cannes Red Carpet Challenge Winner)

Thodoris Pirillos, Greece

Mattia Pastori, Italy

Ivar de Lange, Netherlands (also Retro Chic Speed Challenge Winner)

Monica Berg, Norway (also Bartender/Barchef Challenge Winner)

David Rios, Spain

Emil Areng, Sweden

Laura Schacht, Switzerland

Click here to get a feeling through some amazing “MOMENTS” shared on Facebook’s World Class page

Below, a nice Video on Spanish Television for you to enjoy

A huge, honest, friendly, professional, human, passionate THANK YOU to Spike Marchant, Malin Möllerberg, Stephanie Jordan, Jorge Pineda & the Spanish Diageo Reserve Team and my biggest respect to the winners of last year’s Western Europe World Class who supported me, working hard behind the Event Bars and Guest Bartending in Madrid, all of us together to make this Final an unforgettable Event!!!!

Below, a nice footage of the competition

In no particular order Olivier Jacobs, Alexis Taoufiq, Jesper Høst, Rikard Enell, Giuseppe Santamaria, Fjalar Goud, Andy Mil, Kasper Riewe Henriksen, Vasilis Kyritsis, Dennis Zoppi and Armando Archundia.



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Camillo in Xela Cocktail on “The Negroni: a Gaz Regan Notion”

Here I am with my brand new Zacapa Recipe that is coming out in the new book from Gary Regan “The Negroni: a Gaz Regan Notion

The Negroni, an elegant classic that has brilliantly survived the test of time, has always been the great companion of all my journeys.

The drink I made for this precious little book is called “Camillo in Xela” where  Xela is the indigenous name for Quetzaltenango which is the place in Guatemala where the House of Zacapa is located and where this Rum is aged  at 23 .000 metres; of course you all know who Camillo is…

30 ml Zacapa 23

17,5 ml Campari

25 ml Carpano Antica Formula

5 Coffee Beans plus 2 for the garnish

– Glass: Rocks

– Method: flame the coffee beans with a blow torch, add it to the mixing glass and crush them with the flat end of a barspoon.

Add ingredients and stir without ice for half a minute, then stir with ice and double strain over fresh crystal clear ice.

– Garnish: Long Orange peel attached to the rim of the glass, with two coffe beans inserted and flamed with a small blow torch in front of the guest; this to emphasize the coffee aroma mixed with the caramelized essential oils of the orange.

‘Being from Italy where coffee is a very important element of the culture, I was curious to play with the toasted flavour of  this amazing ingredient, matched with the bitterness of the Campari, the complexity of the Carpano Antica Formula and the beautiful hints of vanilla, almond and chocolate of the Rum Zacapa 23 coming from Guatemala, one of the world’s leading coffee producer countries’

You can buy the book here

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The “Pic Nic in Jalisco” Cocktail

Reviewed from one of my recipes dated 2008 let’s bring it to life again through the delicate dark chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon hints found in Don Julio Reposado:

1 1/2 Oz Don Julio Reposado Tequila
3/4 Oz Fresh Lime Juice
3/4 Oz Cointreau
2 Teaspoons Bitter Orange marmalade with peels
Juice of one Passion Fruit

Dissolve marmalade with lime juice in a mixing glass.
Add the other ingredients, shake and double-strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Serve with a brown-sugar-caramelised passion fruit half.

..I love marmalade drinks, such a nice and velvety consistency on the palate as you drink them!

Or even better..why don’t we serve it on the rocks in a marmalade jar, shaken and opened at the customer’s table?

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To celebrate my recent staying in Rome, let me tempt you with a refreshing drink with a romantic name..Romantic just like Rome

50 ml Home infused Bubble Gum Ketel One Vodka
15 ml Lemon Juice
10 ml Lime Juice
25 ml Agave Nectar
10 ml of fresh pomegranate juice
15 ml Egg White

– Add the ingredients to shaker, vigorously dry shake first, then shake with ice
– Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass
– Garnish with a Bubble Gum cut with a nice little biscuit mould

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The “BULLEIT MAN” Cocktail

Dear readers, I’ld like to introduce you to THE BULLEIT MAN COCKTAIL

For this drink I’m gonna be using a Super Premium Bourbon as a base and what is different from other Bourbons is that Bulleit has a High Rye Content that makes it a spicy with a very distinctive character.

My insipiration for THE BULLEIT MAN came from Mr. TOM BULLEIT that in ’87 left a successful carrer as a lawyer and risked everything to fulfill his big dream:

Bringing back to life  his great-great grandfather’s bourbon recipe from 1830 and starting the Bulleit Distilling Company.

This Bourbon is very silky and delicate at the first sip, has a nice vanilla and pralines aroma but with a rich and long finish to it.

I wanted to enhance the spiciness of this whiskey even more, by adding a little bit of cinnamon syrup, muddle the ginger, then balance it out with some fresh lemon juice, and add the egg white to give the drink a nice frothy head that will feel silky on your lips when you drink it.

Now give it a nice smiley shake!!

Always remember to Listen to the Ice, that is the alarm bell that will tell you when a great cocktail is ready!

Since I’m in Italy I decided to use some nice Italian Red Wine and float it on the top.

Then for an extra level of flavour, I’ll grind a Tonka bean on top that will give a nice vanilla aroma on your nose while you drink it.

All you have to do now is smile, relax…and drink    


Max La Rocca

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The “Giant’s Gate” – St Patrick’s Day Cocktail

Here I am with a great recipe for you all to celebrate together (responsibly) St Patrick’s Day:

Bushmills 16yr
Lime Juice
Sugar Syrup (1 to 1)
Guinness Stout
Egg White
Cardamom Pods
Raisins for garnish


The drink combines the warm raisin and caramel hints of Bushmills 16yr with the gentle bitterness of Guinness Stout both enhanced by the freshness of the cardamom.
It is recommended to eat the skewed raisins while sipping the drink in order to experience the amazing burst of flavours provided by this drink.


Max La Rocca

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