Winner of the Irish Mermaid Challenge, Mihai Fetcu – Romania!!

IRISH MERMAID Mihai Fetcu Romania2

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mihai Fetcu for winning the IRISH MERMAID Cocktail Challenge, taking this amazing drink to the next level and spreading the word about it in Romania!

See this step by step guide on how Mihai prepares it elegantly!

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Go and enjoy this cocktail in is his Bar:
Bistro de l’Arte
Piata Enescu 11bis, Brasov, Romania

Here you find the Bistro de l’Arte Facebook Page and the Website
Photo credit: Arua Petrascu
Mihai Caricature Author: Oasim Karmieh
Photoshop edit: Max La Rocca


Read about the inspiration behind this great drink and its recipe HERE

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The (KETEL ONE) “Dutch Moustache Companion” Cocktail

(Photo Courtesy of KETEL ONE VODKA)max dutch companion small

That’s what happens when World Class Bartenders meet with the Ketel One Vodka FAMILY in a Photo Shoot Session in Amsterdam..pure MAGIC!But the FAMILY doesn’t stop there. Enjoy this video where Bob Nolet goes on a bar tour of Amsterdam with his..”Extended Family”

Here I am with my brand new Cocktail called
“The (KETEL ONE) Dutch Moustache Companion”
-25 ml lemongrass infused Dry Vermouth
-10 ml Benedictine
-5 to 10 ml Grand Marnier (suiting your Country taste)
-3 Dashes Orange bitter
-Flamed Rosemary on the rim of the glass for another level of experience
Throwing technique
Vintage Coupette
Suggested Pairing:
Granny Smith Apple ball rolled with a smoked salmon slice and cracked black pepper.
Key points of the drink are:
– it is easy and fast to prepare,
– using an elegant performance that will get people’s attention and curiosity
– can be drunk at any time of the day
– it is an old style drink with a (contemporary) Vodka soul
– it includes ingredients easy to find in any bar
– it integrates perfectly with nearly any Bar Menu’s style

Max La Rocca

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Camillo in Xela Cocktail on “The Negroni: a Gaz Regan Notion”

Here I am with my brand new Zacapa Recipe that is coming out in the new book from Gary Regan “The Negroni: a Gaz Regan Notion

The Negroni, an elegant classic that has brilliantly survived the test of time, has always been the great companion of all my journeys.

The drink I made for this precious little book is called “Camillo in Xela” where  Xela is the indigenous name for Quetzaltenango which is the place in Guatemala where the House of Zacapa is located and where this Rum is aged  at 23 .000 metres; of course you all know who Camillo is…

30 ml Zacapa 23

17,5 ml Campari

25 ml Carpano Antica Formula

5 Coffee Beans plus 2 for the garnish

– Glass: Rocks

– Method: flame the coffee beans with a blow torch, add it to the mixing glass and crush them with the flat end of a barspoon.

Add ingredients and stir without ice for half a minute, then stir with ice and double strain over fresh crystal clear ice.

– Garnish: Long Orange peel attached to the rim of the glass, with two coffe beans inserted and flamed with a small blow torch in front of the guest; this to emphasize the coffee aroma mixed with the caramelized essential oils of the orange.

‘Being from Italy where coffee is a very important element of the culture, I was curious to play with the toasted flavour of  this amazing ingredient, matched with the bitterness of the Campari, the complexity of the Carpano Antica Formula and the beautiful hints of vanilla, almond and chocolate of the Rum Zacapa 23 coming from Guatemala, one of the world’s leading coffee producer countries’

You can buy the book here

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The “Pic Nic in Jalisco” Cocktail

Reviewed from one of my recipes dated 2008 let’s bring it to life again through the delicate dark chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon hints found in Don Julio Reposado:

1 1/2 Oz Don Julio Reposado Tequila
3/4 Oz Fresh Lime Juice
3/4 Oz Cointreau
2 Teaspoons Bitter Orange marmalade with peels
Juice of one Passion Fruit

Dissolve marmalade with lime juice in a mixing glass.
Add the other ingredients, shake and double-strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Serve with a brown-sugar-caramelised passion fruit half.

..I love marmalade drinks, such a nice and velvety consistency on the palate as you drink them!

Or even better..why don’t we serve it on the rocks in a marmalade jar, shaken and opened at the customer’s table?

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To celebrate my recent staying in Rome, let me tempt you with a refreshing drink with a romantic name..Romantic just like Rome

50 ml Home infused Bubble Gum Ketel One Vodka
15 ml Lemon Juice
10 ml Lime Juice
25 ml Agave Nectar
10 ml of fresh pomegranate juice
15 ml Egg White

– Add the ingredients to shaker, vigorously dry shake first, then shake with ice
– Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass
– Garnish with a Bubble Gum cut with a nice little biscuit mould

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The “BULLEIT MAN” Cocktail

Dear readers, I’ld like to introduce you to THE BULLEIT MAN COCKTAIL

For this drink I’m gonna be using a Super Premium Bourbon as a base and what is different from other Bourbons is that Bulleit has a High Rye Content that makes it a spicy with a very distinctive character.

My insipiration for THE BULLEIT MAN came from Mr. TOM BULLEIT that in ’87 left a successful carrer as a lawyer and risked everything to fulfill his big dream:

Bringing back to life  his great-great grandfather’s bourbon recipe from 1830 and starting the Bulleit Distilling Company.

This Bourbon is very silky and delicate at the first sip, has a nice vanilla and pralines aroma but with a rich and long finish to it.

I wanted to enhance the spiciness of this whiskey even more, by adding a little bit of cinnamon syrup, muddle the ginger, then balance it out with some fresh lemon juice, and add the egg white to give the drink a nice frothy head that will feel silky on your lips when you drink it.

Now give it a nice smiley shake!!

Always remember to Listen to the Ice, that is the alarm bell that will tell you when a great cocktail is ready!

Since I’m in Italy I decided to use some nice Italian Red Wine and float it on the top.

Then for an extra level of flavour, I’ll grind a Tonka bean on top that will give a nice vanilla aroma on your nose while you drink it.

All you have to do now is smile, relax…and drink    


Max La Rocca

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The “Giant’s Gate” – St Patrick’s Day Cocktail

Here I am with a great recipe for you all to celebrate together (responsibly) St Patrick’s Day:

Bushmills 16yr
Lime Juice
Sugar Syrup (1 to 1)
Guinness Stout
Egg White
Cardamom Pods
Raisins for garnish


The drink combines the warm raisin and caramel hints of Bushmills 16yr with the gentle bitterness of Guinness Stout both enhanced by the freshness of the cardamom.
It is recommended to eat the skewed raisins while sipping the drink in order to experience the amazing burst of flavours provided by this drink.


Max La Rocca

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