The big moment has arrived: WORLD CLASS 2015!


max Erik WCC

Dear European Bartenders the big moment has arrived!!

Join us on HERE to read what the 1st Challenge of the year will be and how to ENTER the WORLD CLASS Competition!

Don’t forget to watch the video blow

Explore also THE WORLD CLASS CLUB the brand new platform created exclusively for you to keep you up to date on all the bartender news, competitions and inspiration.


And see you in Capetown for the WORLD CLASS Global Final!

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Diageo World Class Western Europe Final 2013 – Madrid

Congratulations to all the contestant for being part of this amazing journey and to the 13 souls who will make their country even more proud at the Global Final.


It was an honour organising such a great event for you all!

The entire competition and celebrations took place in the modern and luxury Teatro Goya in the central part of Madrid.

This is the second edition of the Western European World Class Competition and Madrid has been chosen, being a vibrant, artistic, modern wonderfully cosmopolitan city with an extraordinary reputation for gastronomy and drinking culture from historical bars like ‘Museo Chicote’ which opened in 1931 to the ultra-modern ‘Le Cabrera’ and ‘O-Clock’.

After two days of shaking, mixing, performing and celebrating Diageo’s Reserve spirits by 26 of Europe’s finest bartenders, the winners heading their way to the Global Final of World Class are:

Bert Jachmann, Austria

Carl Van Droogenbroeck, Belgium

Hasse Johansen, Denmark

Jérôme Kaftandjian, France

Atalay Aktas, Germany

Gareth Evans, Great Britain (also Cannes Red Carpet Challenge Winner)

Thodoris Pirillos, Greece

Mattia Pastori, Italy

Ivar de Lange, Netherlands (also Retro Chic Speed Challenge Winner)

Monica Berg, Norway (also Bartender/Barchef Challenge Winner)

David Rios, Spain

Emil Areng, Sweden

Laura Schacht, Switzerland

Click here to get a feeling through some amazing “MOMENTS” shared on Facebook’s World Class page

Below, a nice Video on Spanish Television for you to enjoy

A huge, honest, friendly, professional, human, passionate THANK YOU to Spike Marchant, Malin Möllerberg, Stephanie Jordan, Jorge Pineda & the Spanish Diageo Reserve Team and my biggest respect to the winners of last year’s Western Europe World Class who supported me, working hard behind the Event Bars and Guest Bartending in Madrid, all of us together to make this Final an unforgettable Event!!!!

Below, a nice footage of the competition

In no particular order Olivier Jacobs, Alexis Taoufiq, Jesper Høst, Rikard Enell, Giuseppe Santamaria, Fjalar Goud, Andy Mil, Kasper Riewe Henriksen, Vasilis Kyritsis, Dennis Zoppi and Armando Archundia.



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The Elements of Creativity

As the first post of 2013 I would like you to join me in the amazing world of CREATIVITY through the brilliant work of Kirby Ferguson and his project called “Everything is a Remix“.

Kirby has spoken at TED, Google, Netflix, the GEL Conference, Creative Mornings NYC, The Cusp ConferenceMedia EvolutionThe Creators ProjectCampus Party Mexico City, Columbia University, NYU and more.

(From 7.00” to 7.40” of the following video, there will be some credits, then it continues, make sure you follow through)

So, is it really true that nobody starts out original and that we need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding?

SOURCEEverything Is a Remix Website

Thanks Kirby!

So my wish for 2013 is:


Max La Rocca

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The Blazing “Irish Coffee-less”

Here I have a nice a simple Blazer for your Holidays!

Just a little blazing experiment with Bushmills after fast-infusion chattin’ with former Ireland’s Diageo Brand Ambassador Martin Duffy in Rome to try and re-create an Irish Coffee aroma without actually using…liquid coffee.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Coffee beans
Star Anise
Powdered Cinnamon
Simple syrup

I made this drink back in 2009 and then modified last year in Barcelona using Bushmills 10 yrs, Blazing “pots” from Istanbul and garnishing with the same raisins used for Blazing

and sticking with the “Don’t take yourself too seriously” concept, I created this video for you to enjoy:

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